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[DONE] Wednesday, 8 April: 10am (Singapore time)

[DONE] Thursday, 9 April: 4pm (Singapore time)



Managing Stress Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

HumanResources Online is partnering with iGROW for a webinar to support you and your organisation amidst the uncertainties caused by the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Be the first 100 participants to sign up for this webinar to get your webinar fees (U.P $50) fully covered by Human Resources Online!

  • In our day-to-day lives, we often encounter unfamiliar and uncertain situations, and it is inevitable that we may react with anxiety to some of them. However, it is important to differentiate ordinary anxiety from anxiety disorders. During the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we have observed social phenomena such as hoarding, distancing, and even discrimination against each other.
  • This 50-minute webinar focuses on how people respond to stressful changes as well as effective strategies we can use to overcome anxiety and manage change in our lives


Here are the highlights of what you will gain from this 50mins


  • Information vs Information Overload

    In this era where there is abundance of information from multiple sources, some more credible than others, how exactly does our brain process these information? 

  • Normal Reaction or Over Reaction

    Our brain responds to information. When does it becomes information overload and how does it affect us psychologically? 

  • Good Mental Health vs Poor Mental Health

    Our psychological and emotional wellbeing affect us in our day to day functioning. How does anxiety affects us and when does it become a problem for us or the people around us? 

  • The 5 Steps  to Managing Anxiety

    Learn the tested and proven 5 Steps to managing anxieties used in our psychological practice to help people turn stress into successes. 

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Speaker Details

Benedict Lim

CEO & Chief Psychologist of iGROW

BA Psychology MSoc (Counselling)


Benedict is an experienced Management Consultant that has accumulated more than a decade of experience working with corporate large and small across different industries. His passion in seeing businesses succeed and individuals empowered has won him man fans. He has presented in many national and international conferences.


Maria Plengsangtip

Partner & Consulting Psychologist of iGROW

B.Soc.Sci (Hons), M.Arts in Applied Psychology


Maria is a counselling psychologist and certified Management Consultant, responsible for the Health Practice of the firm. She has a special interest in health technology and devices, nurtured during her years in NUS through the Singapore Scholarship by the MFA, and continues to develop exciting programs to improve health outcomes.


Be the first 100 participants to sign up and your webinar fee of S$50 per participant will be fully subsidised by HumanResources Online!

What even more ppl are saying about our Masterclass


I love the flow of the Online Masterclass. It is very Clear, Coherent and Concise. The engagement through the use of chats, and challenging us to think about our own situation makes the session very relevant. I have gained a lot from this session. 


Ng Choon Jin (CJ)

CEO & Founder | Lead Facilitator | Executive Coach

Logos Learning

What I like the most is the content and positive mindset that you shared! It is good and I enjoyed it. I never expect to have a separate group chat in zoom, but you did it so it's just like a normal meeting in person. I like the group discussions and brainstorming session.

Ohm Uroodong Chongthanatrakol

Co-founder | Entrepreneur | Creative Artist


I think the content is Great! The 3Ps of Pivot, Protect and Profit amidst the pandemic. I especially like the breakout session part, but it kind of evolve into something different from what you envisioned. It became a personal challenge to take action instead of passively watching a talk or workshop. Its Good! 


Michael Ryan Chan

Co-founder & Managing Partner| Entrepreneur | Consultant


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